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Azure DevOps Podcast

Message from Jeffrey Palermo: Howdy.  Welcome to my podcast.  I hope it helps you ship software more quickly and more reliably. Through the topics and guests, I hope your life is made easier. Let me know what topics would be helpful for you.

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Oct 14, 2019

This week on the podcast, Jeffrey is speaking with Glenn Condron! Glenn is the Program Management Lead of the App Platform team within the Developer Division at Microsoft, focusing on .NET.


With .NET Conf 2019 just recently wrapped up, Glenn will be highlighting some of the new capabilities within .NET! Glenn was a part of the keynote, where he gave some really interesting demos showing the new stuff coming out for .NET. Having seen the keynote himself, Jeffrey knew that his listeners had to know all about it for themselves too! So, in this episode, Glenn speaks about what he showcased at the conference, explains how he ran his .NET Core 3 demo, how gRPC is changing the game, and shares his current personal preference for running the .NET Core application in a container.


Jeffrey and Glenn cover a lot of ground regarding .NET, so be sure to tune in!


Topics of Discussion:

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[:48] Jeffrey gives some announcements and lets you know where to get a hold of his book, .NET DevOps for Azure.

[2:24] About today’s guest, Glenn Condron.

[2:42] Jeffrey welcomes Glenn to the show!

[2:48] Glenn shares what he spoke about during the 2019 .NET Conf keynote.

[3:46] Glenn speaks about what his career journey has been like and what he’s currently doing in his role at Microsoft.

[5:14] How gRPC is changing the game when it comes to blocking synchronous calls.

[7:44] What does gRPC stand for?

[8:23] Glenn explains his philosophy and the thinking behind making the backend without giving the URL to the calling application, and instead, publishing a library that their calling application consumed so that their service owned its own protocol (instead of locking in the client to that over-the-wire protocol).

[14:42] Glenn provides his take on whether anything that is a step higher in compatibility (i.e. allows for a greater reach of clients who can use it), tends to include extra steps and a decrease in productivity.

[17:30] Glenn speaks about how he ran his .NET Core 3 demo (at the 2019 .NET Conf) in a Linux container and some of the interesting and impressive pieces of it.

[20:23] A word from the Azure DevOps Podcast’s sponsor: Clear Measure.

[20:49] Glenn explains what it is running as in Azure.

[21:00] Glenn speaks about the networking, and what he configured in the network to get it to be in front.

[26:28] Was the Blazor app deployed to the same Kubernetes cluster?

[26:58] Glenn explains how to set up .NET with the Blazor app.

[28:06] Glenn gives a loving criticism of Javascript and his part with helping .NET developers be better with the existing ecosystems.

[33:06] Out of all the options for being able to run your .NET Core application in a container, which is Glenn’s personal preference? Which does he think should be the norm?

[40:35] Where to learn more about Glenn’s presentation at .NET Conf and follow him online.


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