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Azure DevOps Podcast

Message from Jeffrey Palermo: Howdy.  Welcome to my podcast.  I hope it helps you ship software more quickly and more reliably. Through the topics and guests, I hope your life is made easier. Let me know what topics would be helpful for you.

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Sep 11, 2023

Chris Woodruff, or as his friends call him, Woody, is a software developer and architect of over 25 years. Woody loves software engineering, especially allowing applications and services to communicate across networks and through Web APIs. He has been a Microsoft MVP in SQL, Data, and C# in the past, along with multiple years of being awarded the AWS Community Builder Award. Woody lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he explores the many breweries in West Michigan and travels with his family. Woody is also a long-time bourbon fan and loves hunting for whiskey bottles.


Topics of Discussion:

[4:46] The many positions Woody has held in his career.

[7:14] The genesis behind Woody’s new book, Practical Network Programming Using C#. Dive deep into #CSharp12 and #DotNET8.

[9:24] The second book Woody is working on co-writing, on the patterns of developer relations.

[14:10] The original intent of the internet was to protect the military.

[15:22] What is a packet?

[21:08] A brief history of web services.

[24:00] Who was Roy Fielding?

[28:48] Woody talks about using different applications, the WebSocket service, and Dapr.

[35:36] You have to know about the transport across the network, as well as how to build the code and architect your application so that it utilizes the network efficiently.

[40:14] We can expect the book out by May or June 2024.


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