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Azure DevOps Podcast

Message from Jeffrey Palermo: Howdy.  Welcome to my podcast.  I hope it helps you ship software more quickly and more reliably. Through the topics and guests, I hope your life is made easier. Let me know what topics would be helpful for you.

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Jan 16, 2023

Brian Lagunas is a Microsoft MVP, a Microsoft Patterns & Practices Champion, leader of the Boise .Net Developers User Group (NETDUG), board member of Boise Code Camp, speaker, trainer, and Pluralsight author. He can be found speaking at a variety of developer events around the world. His talks always involve some form of markup (XAML or HTML), as well as how to build well-architected applications with Prism. In his spare time, he authors courses for Pluralsight, blogs, livestreams about various technologies, and manages the Prism Library. The easiest way to find Brian is on Twitter at @BrianLagunas.


Topics of Discussion:

[2:43] What triggered Brian to go from the Army into programming?

[5:49] Brian started in Java because that’s how new .NET was.

[8:22] What is Reveal, and how many code bases do you have to reach all those places?

[12:37] What is Brian’s thought about using Blazer vs. JavaScript vs. Typescript?

[15:20] How do we bridge the gap between using NPM and Blazer Applications? 

[17:31] How does Brian think about the different levels of unit tests of these different types of code, and then what classifications do you create in your test libraries?

[21:47] What is App Builder?

[24:39] What’s the track record of App Builder? Is it already mainstream?

[30:20] What Brian’s team is focused on now is getting that initial application built, generated, out the door, and ready for the developer to implement the logic.


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